Multichannel Time Counter MTC108

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Multichannel Time Counter MTC108


Time Interval (between pulses at up to eight inputs or pulses appearing consecutively at a single, common input) Time Interval Error, Maximum Time Interval Error, Time Deviation


Allan Deviation


Mean, Min and Max Values, Standard Deviation

Time Interval


73 min

Resolution (LSB)

1.9 ps in single-shot measurements, Independent, Common High Speed and Source

Precision (Standard Deviation)

< 6.5 ps at time interval measured from 0 to 500 ms (internal rubidium)

up to 4.5 ps in Common High Precision mode

Frequency & Period


Inputs 1 - 8: 1 mHz to 250 MHz

Sensitivity < 75 mV RMS typ. (0.01 to 250 MHz)

Minimum slew rate: 10 V/μs

Input F: 100 MHz to 3.5 GHz

Sensitivity < -12 dBm (< 55 mV RMS) from 400 MHz to 3 GHz

Sensitivity < - 3 dBm (< 160 mV RMS) from 100 MHz to 3.5 GHz

Gate Time

selected from 1 μs to 10 s (reciprocal method)

Measurement Rate

up to 106 measurements/sec (depends on selected gate)

Inputs 1 - 8

Impedance: 50 W, DC coupled; SMA sockets

Amplitude: within ± 4 V

Pulse edge: selectable, rising or falling

Threshold: manually adjustable from -4 V to +4 V with8 mV resolution, or set automaticall

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