Mobile Time-Interval/Pulse/Frequency Generator T5300U


Mobile Time-Interval/Pulse/Frequency Generator T5300U

Small box with USB control and power supply by notebook or PC
Precisely controlled time interval between the leading edges of output pulses
Precisely controlled width of pulses at a separate output
Time interval/width range: 10 ns – 10 seconds
Time interval/width resolution: 5 ps
Jitter: < 20 ps rms at time interval from 10 ns to 50 ms
Output pulses: positive, 2 V amplitude on 50 Ω load, rise- and fall time < 600 ps, selectable width (10, 20, 50 or 100 ns)
and polarity Precisely controlled frequency of rectangular waveform at a separate output
Internal trigger generator with variable frequency
Clock generator: internal TCXO or external 10 MHz reference clock
User-friendly software for Windows


Time Delay between the leading edges of two pulses appearing at the A and B outputs or between the leading edges of two pulses appearing consecutively at the CW output in Common mode Pulse Width at the CW output in Width mode Frequency of rectangular waveform generated at the F output

Time Delay & Width


10 ns – 1 second (Delay A -› B or CW -› CW, or Pulse Width (CW))

Incremental Resolution

5 ps


< 20 ps rms at TI from 10 ns to 50 ms (internal TCXO timebase)

< 20 ps rms at TI from 10 ns to 10 seconds (external atomic timebase)

Trigger generator

internal, with digitally variable frequency from 10 mHz to 1 MHz


Output F


0.1 Hz to 500 Hz with 1 μHz step; 500 Hz to 1 MHz with a 1 mHz step; 1 – 75 MHz

with a 1 Hz step

Period jitter

< 20 ps rms from 10 kHz to 75 MHz

Outputs A, B, CW, F


50 Ω, DC coupled; SMA sockets


2 V referred to ground

Rise & Fall time (20 – 80 %)

< 600 ps


selectable, positive or negative leading edge (except output F)

Pulse width

10, 20, 50 or 100 ns ± 0.5 ns at 1 V threshold (except outputs F and CW/Width)

Internal Clock Generator

10 MHz TCXO, stability 5×107 (- 40 to +85 °C), ageing 1×106/year

External Clock Generator

Input CK - 50 Ω, DC coupled; SMA socket

10 MHz, sine or pulse, min. 100 mV on 50 Ω input impedance

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