Shenzhen Hairuida Time&Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd

Heritek is specialized in time and frequency field more than ten years in China high end market. We mainly act as the general agent of Oscilloquartz S.A,PIKTime, Rakon, Accubeat, Passcall, and Guidetech to promote products such as atomic frequency standard, OCXO, GPS receiver, time and frequency measurement and time distribution system. Heritek dedicates to provide components, equipment and time synchronization system to universities and institutes in aerospace, navigation, telecommunication, railway, power grid, etc. Corporate with our partner, Heritek also can provide customized system solution. Welcome to visit our website to get more detail information.


Lange-Electronic GmbH was established in 1977 as a distributor for timing systems. With the need to adapt these systems to its customers’ requirements, a full-fledged development laboratory shaped up. Actually Lange-Electronic GmbH offers its own line of high end synchronisation products, complemented by a selection of high quality timing products from Poland, the USA and Germany and simulation products from the UK and France.

After more than 40 years in business the companies main strength continues to be high precision timing solutions, tailored to the needs of its customers in air and space industry, automotive industry, the banking and insurance sector, energy sector and armed forces.