Time transfer system TTS-5

It has been over 23 years since the first, single frequency TTS-1 receiver the first in the family was introduced, followed by a very successful TTS-2, first multi-channel GPS timing receiver. Then TTS-3, for many years the only GPS & GLONASS receiver on the market. Now TTS-5, developed from scratch, released in 2015, after 2 years of R&D work.

Till now more than 150 units have been delivered to over 30 countries. As our core product, TTS is being continuously improved towards better observation results and deployment of the recent time & frequency progress. Software upgrades are provided free of charge, on average every 3 months.

Excellent observation results long and stable operation, wide configuration possibilities, as well as user friendly solutions are main advantages of the system. TTS-5 generates data on its own and requires no daily assistance. The system is working under LINUX providing multitasking and integration with the network.

Access, Operating & Configuration

Immediate access to observations, receiver configuration and main parameters using:
  • built-in touch screen
  • Web interface
  • external USB keyboard

Data recording & storage

Data can be:
  • downloaded using Web interface (using Web browser)
  • downloaded using integrated FTP server
  • sent to external FTP server (using Web browser)
  • saved to USB memory (using console or Web interface)
  • 1 TB redundant data storage (RAID 1 mirroring, 2x1TB HDD

Data characteristics & availability

Data type: Code and Carrier
Data output format: CGGTTS, RINEX.
Data formats meet all requirements.
Data availability:
CGGTTS: 30 sec after each 13-min. observation session
RINEX: in real time

Tracking features

Supported navigation systems:

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo,
  • Number of channels: 216
  • Number of satellites: all-in-view

Supported frequencies:

  • GPS: L1, L2, L5
  • GLONASS: L1, L2
  • option: L3
  • GALILEO: E1, E5A,
  • option: E5B, altBoc, E6

Supported codes:

  • GPS: L1C, L2C, L1P, L2P, L5P
  • GLONASS: L1C, L2C, L1P, L2P
  • option: L3
  • GALILEO: E1, E5A,
  • option: E5B, altBoc, E6

Time stability

Precision for phase observation: for a short term, short baseline precision 12ps RMS
Precision for code observation: 0.4ns RMS (receivers connected to the same reference standard)

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