Time Counters and Generators

Time/ Frequency Counters

PikTime Systems offers high-tech equipment for specifying time intervals. The T3000 series includes picosecond precision time/frequency counters which combines affordable cost and reliability for thorough industrial and scientific applications. The counters, equipped with Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO), or Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO), provide high accuracy and stability of the measurements. The heart of the instruments: a newly developed FPGA counter device, which contains a complete interpolation time counter with two precision two-stage Time-to Digital Converters, a FIFO memory which allows for very high measurement rate, and a dedicated microcontroller, comes in small, light, and handy case with USB 2.0 interface - T3200U or T4100U.



Delay/ Pulse/ Frequency Generators

The T5000 family contains precise and low-jitter delay/pause/frequency generators. The devices may work in width mode generating pulses of width equal to preset delay, or as pulse generators of variable frequency. The series is also equipped with Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO), providing high accuracy and stability at reasonable cost. Digital controllers combine picosecond precision of time-interval generation with affordable cost and reliability for thorough industrial and scientific applications, and come in USB 2.0 interface equipped case.

All the counters and generators come with supplied software, that creates a user-friendly graphic interface and provides many useful functions for accurate control, diagnostics and statistical processing of the measurement data.


Multichannel Time Counter MTC108

MTC108 is a unique, state of the art, autonomous system for high-precision metrology of time and frequency. This system allows for: (1) fast and accurate registering of physical events on a common time scale; (2) measuring the time intervals between any registered events; (3) measuring the frequency within a wide range; (4) evaluating the stability of frequency sources, especially reference atomic clocks; (5) transferring the measurement data for further external processing. A user-friendly control of the system is provided either locally, through the built-in keyboard or/and color touch panel, or remotely, with the aid of USB or Ethernet interfaces. The successful combination of programmable devices technology and sophisticated measurement method results in the broad functionality and exceptional parameters that meet the virtually all fundamental needs of time/frequency laboratory or Automatic Test Equipment environment.

Programmable Distribution Amplifier PDA0816

The PDA 0816A Programmable Distribution Amplifier is intended to distribute a 10 MHz or 5 MHz frequency reference signal, for example from any atomic clock or other reference source of excellent frequency stability, or 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) pulses. What single out these device from the others of this kind is very low additive jitter (below 5 ps rms), large number of inputs (eight) and outputs (sixteen) and both electric and optic connectors.


Delay and Frequency Generator TIG101

The TIG 101 Delay/Frequency Generator produces precise and low jitter time interval between the leading edges of pulses at two outputs (START – STOP) and simultaneously the pairs of such pulses are generated in the Common mode at a single output COMM. In the Width mode a pulse of width equal to preset time interval is generated at the COMM output. Both the time interval and width can easily be set using either front panel interface (screen, buttons, rotary knob) or by sending control commands by USB or Ethernet interfaces. Functionality of TIG 101 is also extended of rectangular waveform generation with variable frequency (output FREQ).
The build-in reference clock is generated by a Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO), which provides high accuracy and stability at reasonable cost. However, an external (for example, atomic) frequency standard 10 MHz signal can also be used (input CLK on rear panel).